Friday, October 17, 2014

The Death of The Music Industry - As Predicted.

This is not anything I take great pride in other than to say, "I told you so." Back when I did a brief stint with All About Jazz, their founder called me a naysayer and claimed I would eventually fade into the woodwork. Three years later with combined hits on both my site and Google plus, I have over 15 million hits and am doing far better than some major label artists. It is basic economics folks...And total mismanagement and lack of independent artist support.

From Alternative Press

Not one artist’s album has gone platinum this year

October 16, 2014 by Matt Crane
Not one artist’s album has gone platinum this year
According to Billboard (via Digital Music News), after nine months, not a single artist’s album has hit one million units sold in 2014 (in the U.S.). By far, Disney’s Frozen soundtrack is the year’s bestseller, hitting 3.12 million units.
So far, the bestselling artist albums of 2014 are BeyoncĂ©’s self-titled (776,000) and Lorde’s Pure Heroine (763,000). Both, however, were released in 2013 and have just accumulated those sales throughout 2014. The bestselling album that was actually released in 2014 is Eric Church's Outsiders with 722,000 units.
In 2013, five artist albums had crossed the one-million mark, led by Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience, Billboard reports.
Ever increasingly, it looks like Gold (500,000 units) is the new platinum. In today’s age of declining sales, there is one bright spot, however: vinyl. Read more from Billboard:
Vinyl is up a whopping 47.5 percent to 6.074 million units from 4.12 million units last year. In fact, in the first nine-month period, vinyl album scans outpaced by 20,000 units all scans that the format had in all 12 months of last year, when vinyl sales totaled 6.054 million units. Jack White's Lazaretto is the best-selling title so far this year, with scans of almost 73,000 units.