Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rolling Stone Magazine Attacks Koch Industires - I Attack Rolling Stone

Koch Industries Responds to Rolling Stone – And We Answer Back

You can Google the above headline and read the whole story but I wanted to speak from the heart.

I am a registered Independent. I am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate and I hate President Obama with a blind passion. How did we not see this hatchet job coming?

Rolling Stone is a liberal rag that has long given up on serious journalism when it comes to music. I find it disingenuous at best that this "publication" can make one of the Boston bombers look like a romantic rock star after the carnage he personally inflicted on the unsuspecting citizens of that great city. This punk should already be dead. What about a trial? Where was the justice for the innocent victims?

I don't worship at the alter of Fox News (I find their network insulting) and I have never heard anything more than moronic sound bites from Rush Limbaugh...

Question...What about the massive monetary influence from George Soros on the liberal scourge and the gradual erosion of our liberty thanks to a President that is so inept that he actually admitted no foreign policy to fight Isis despite numerous warnings? A President that lied and admitted lying to force health care down our throats and then attempted to further blame his incompetence on You Tube when it came to the tragedy in Libya and oddly enough - he lied again...How about the illegitimate offspring of a documented communist that refuses to protect our borders while welcoming Ebola with open arms...You will never see Rolling Stone tackle these verifiable facts. They are the equivalent of journalistic dog crap.

Rolling Stone Magazine and every "journalist" on staff is a disgrace. Liberals complain about Fox but they accept the biased George Soros funded humanistic garbage that Rolling Stone continues to print. Shame Rolling Stone gave up on serious music journalism because these shallow attempts to sell some crappy magazines can be easily seen through.

I'm Brent Black and I approve this message.