Thursday, October 16, 2014

Raising The Minimum Wage

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I don't...Here is why.

I normally write about the music industry and lately this liberally biased sewer has had little to say that was "positive" about Mr. Obama...I guess when you make Jimmy Carter look smart case closed but back to the subject at hand.

An election tactic to buy votes, pure and simple. Obama will tell you it is about fairness. What is "fair" about having someone with minimal education and whose biggest skill set it to drop a basket of fries into hot oil and then get a 24% raise? If it happens in Congress then liberals have an anger stroke of epic proportions but let us go further.

Small businesses have been forced by the Federal Government to supply health insurance. Another expense but let us keep going...Force yet another expense such as this 24% increase and small businesses that export their products will raise prices and business will drop. Take into account the additional expense of this ridiculous raise and some businesses will simply lay off or close...This includes independent record stores and small labels with the end result being a catastrophic blow to the music we know as jazz. Not that it isn't on life support now...

This is what liberals and especially musicians don't get...Business would have to pay the increased minimum wage but there is nothing that forces them to stay open...Business / capitalism is about  turning a profit and reinvesting in your company to grow the operation to where you can hire new and more employees.

America is embracing mediocrity and class warfare. Drop out of high school, knock out a few babies out of wedlock and with a job skill set a monkey could master and you get rewarded with a 24% increase? Where is the motivation people? President Ebola will in all probability sign an executive order and when the layoffs start and the companies close...remember where you read this.

Google it...98% of every major economic study says it won't work and thus far nothing Mr. Obama has done has worked. An incompetent bungling buffoon.