Saturday, October 18, 2014

Prince and 3rdeyegirl Plectrumelectrum Warner Brother 2014

Plectrumelectrum is insane!
Brent Black /
Prince and 3rdeyegirl hook up for an amazing jam that takes the hard core fan on a flash fried funk excursion of pure fun! Recorded live and in analog you get the old school warmth before digital technology but production values that are simply off the charts while capturing these musical co-conspirators at their finest. This is classic Prince brought to a new contemporary level of sonic fury that hasn't appeared on his recordings for a few decades.
Funk? Yes...Soul? Sure...and power rock that should make some metal guitarists rethink their career path. Power funk on steroids that will hit you hard and fast. "Wow" is a rock ballad but it is still music with muscle. "PretzelBodyLogic" is a smoldering funk nasty that kicks the party into high gear while "Funknroll" is a pulse pounding groove that goes straight to your visceral sweet spot.
The perfect funkalicious storm and the best Prince release in twenty five years!
Personnel: Prince, Donna Grantis (guitar), Hannah Ford Welton (drums) and Ida Nielsen (bass).
Tracks: Wow; Pretzelbodylogic; Aintturninround; Plectrumelectrum; Whitecaps; Fixurlifeup; Boytrouble; Stopthistrain; Anotherlove; Tictactoe; Marz; Funknroll