Wednesday, October 15, 2014

President Ebola Strikes Again...

An urgent update from the CDC...Thank the Muslim in Chief! He allowed this disease into the United States thanks to his stupidity, arrogance and narcissistic tendencies THEN sends U.S. soldiers on what essentially could be a suicide mission. Contact your representatives and demand this traitor be held accountable and face the appropriate punishment for violating his oath of office.
Impeach the p.o.s.! Or send his ass to West Africa...This clown makes Jimmy Carter look brilliant by comparison.
This just came from social media

#BREAKING: The CDC confirms that the new #Ebola patient was on a flight with 132 people the day before her diagnosis. It was a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland to Dallas. ANYONE who was on that flight is asked to call 1 (800)-CDC-INFO. Please get the word out. Here's the latest: