Friday, October 17, 2014

Lenny Kravitz Strut Kobalt 2014

Stupid Good!
Brent Black /
This is the Lenny Kravitz release you have waited for! While some of his contemporaries churn out prefabricated corporate knockoffs of what the powers that be "think" we want to hear, Kravitz and Strut hit you right between the eyes. An immersion blend of rock, funk, soul, and blues finds Kravitz at the very top of his game. Is he reinventing his musical wheelhouse? No...Kravitz just did a little spring cleaning and the vibe is more about letting the music move you and not the message.
The opener "Sex" is a high octane burner that can blast across multiple formats. "Ooo Baby Baby" is a soulful and soul filled riff on the Miracles hit with spot on harmonies and a distinct lyrical sense of purpose. Kravitz is hitting on all cylinders and the smart money goes on another Grammy nomination, at least! Strut transcends genre, race, and time. Nice to see funk brought out of the musical witness protection program.
Tracks: Sex; The Chamber; Dirty White Boots; New York City; The Pleasure And The Pain; Strut; Frankenstein; She's A Beast; I'm A Believer; Happy Birthday; I Never Want To Let You Down; Ooo Baby Baby.