Monday, October 6, 2014

Krai Neuklang 2014

Arkady Shilkloper & Vadim Neselovskyi: KRAI

A stark yet intimate recording that embraces a land that can be just as unforgiving yet with surprising beauty and intimacy.

Brent Black /

There is an expansive if not cerebral approach that is delicate but at times can smolder with the bold reality of the visceral nature of where melody can move the soul. Eastern European free jazz merges with a modern classical approach to allow an organic heartbeat to emerge between the duo of pianist Vadim Neselovskyi and French and alphorn player Arkady Shilkloper.

Krai transcends the traditional and moves with a lyrical intensity that creates a unique hybrid of Ukranian, Russian and Jewish influences. A highly imaginative journey down the harmonic path of least resistance. Stunning!

Tracks: Spring Song; Krai; Alpine Sketch; AlperiDuo 1; Prelude For Vibes; AlperiDuo 2; Last Snow; Late Night Sunrise; Blackmail; Alpine Trail; Russian Song.
Personnel: Vadim Neselovskyi: Piano; Arkady Shilkloper: French Horn, Alphorn.