Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just Passing Through The Breithaupt Brothers Vol. II Alma 2014

A contemporary twist on traditional standards worth a second look!
Brent Black /
The Breithaupt Brothers Songbook Vol. II is an oddly eclectic yet wildly accessible riff on how to bring the Great American Songbook up to date without mangling the original melodic intent. A perfect marriage of compositions and lyrics has this back to the future duo of songwriters working on their tenth year of growing success. The talent mix seals the deal running from Kellylee Evans to Paul Shaffer.
Perhaps the key to success would be the obvious care in which artist and song are united as opposed to some of the hodge podge various artist collections that are either feast or famine. Some of the notable tunes here are turned in by Sophie Milman with "Ghost Writer" and "Wonder Boy" from Laila Biali. There are no bumps in the road along the way as Ron Sexsmith and Monkey House add to a diverse mix having one foot planted in the past but both eyes fixed on the future.
If you have heard it once then you have heard it a million times, song selection and consistency makes for a great record.
Case closed.
Tracks: Where Are They Now? Kellylee Evans; Songs For Swingin' Lovers Denzal Sinclaire; Between Me And My Heart; Emile-Claire Barlow; Any Day Now Ron Sexsmith; Just Passing Through Jackie Robinson; Maybe He Loves Me Heather Bambrick; The Angel's Share Marc Jordan; Bad Influence Paul Shaffer; Ghost Writer Sophie Milman; Wonder Boy Laila Biali; Missing Me Sarah Slean; Where's Mantis Evar? Monkey House; Last Call For Lovers Patricia O'Callaghan; Not You Ian Thomas; The Style To Which I've Become Accustomed. Tyley Ross