Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jackson Browne Standing In The Breach Inside 2014

Jackson Browne can still deliver the goods!
Brent Black /
Sometimes records review themselves and critics are really not needed other than to spread the word so here goes...
The album cover is somewhat depressing but then again that seems to be Browne's wheelhouse as of late. There are some nice love songs but there is an overwhelming air of predictability. Artists like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and John Mellancamp lose me and lose me quick as their political self righteous rants against big business while they rake in big bucks is disingenuous at best and Browne is no exception...except with Standing In The Breach.
Another Pretender? Nope...I don't think he was going for that but if he was going for sincere singer / songwriter then he scores well across the board. A mellow recording but meticulously crafted and the results are truly memorable for fans and perhaps the next generation as well. I personally don't care about the social and political thoughts of pop artists as I never board the pretentious train to self indulgence. Still a tad preachy with my only advice to Browne, cheer up or go live in Syria...
4 Solid Stars.