Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hugh Hopper Volume 2 Franglo Band Gonzo 2014

Volume 2 The Franglo Band may be one of the most exciting if not rare live releases in modern music.

Brent Black /

The Franglo Band is a band that some accounts never really should have happened as their intent was never to be a vehicle for new music. In their six year run they racked up roughly the same number of gigs thus making this rare Paris show in 2004 a harmonic gold nugget!

Superior sound quality embraces the more exploratory side of Hopper whose use of loops, the wha-wha, fuzz box and computer programming always had his collective ensembles running just slightly ahead of their time. Live at Triton Club may well exemplify that for true jazz / fusion purists, Hugh Hopper may well be the lyrical ground zero that they may have forgotten.

Another winning volume in this ten disc retrospective of a musical giant.

Tracks: Facelift; Lonely Sky and The Sea; Mr. Syms; Sliding Dogs; Shuffle Demons; Wanglo Saxon; Miniluv.
Personnel: Patrice Meyer: Guitar; Pierre-Olivier Govin: Baritone and Alto Saxophones; Hugh Hopper: Bass Guitar; Francois Verly: Drums, Tablas.
Special Guest: Didier Malherbe; Bamboo Flute, Soprano Saxophone (7).