Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hugh Hopper Volume 1 Memories Gonzo 2014

Volume 1: Memories

Volume 1 is what will be an amazing retrospective on legendary Soft Machine bassist Hugh Hopper!

Brent Black /

Retrospectives can be feast or famine however thanks to Hopper's harmonic vision and amazing conceptual nature of how music or sound can not only be developed but presented, Volume 1 Memories kicks off a ten disc set that is a dynamic look inside a true pioneer in recorded music.

Volume 1 contains special tracks that run from a rare demo ("Memories") with Soft Machine to his work with the Franglo Band, "Dabonaire." The time period moves from 1969 to 2002 but the incredibly well preserved older recordings are a vivid reminder as to why Miles Davis once asked Hopper to join his band.

A collection not just for Soft Machine fans but bass players and music aficionado's of all genres as the gift of Hugh Hopper had the ability to transcend genre. The musical glass ceiling for Hopper was unlimited!

Tracks: Memories (Soft Machine Demo); Was A Friend (Hugh Hopper Franglo Band); Shuffle Demons (North & South With Mike Travis); Playtime (Hugh Hopper Interprets Alan Gowen); Dabinaire (Hugh Hopper Franglo Band); MGH (Nigel Morris and Hugh Hopper); Long Piece (Hugh Hopper Computer College).