Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ebola Satire From The New Yorker

As a music critic there are a few weapons in my arsenal called sarcasm and satire...I dig them both. I do not dig bad taste when our country is facing a tremendous health crisis caused directly by the incompetence and stupidity from the acting President who was elected based on race and not on qualifications as he has none...After 911, America elects a President with a Muslim name? No wonder our education system is a complete joke. We have educated a generation of functioning morons.
Read...From The New Yorker.  I dig satire, I hate bad taste.
CANTON, OH (The Borowitz Report)—An Ohio man has become infected with misinformation about the Ebola virus through casual contact with cable news, the Centers for Disease Control has confirmed.
Tracy Klugian, thirty-one, briefly came into contact with alarmist Ebola hearsay during a visit to the Akron-Canton airport, where a CNN report about Ebola was showing on one of the televisions in the airport bar. “Mr. Klugian is believed to have been exposed to cable news for no more than ten minutes, but long enough to become infected,” a spokesman for the C.D.C. said. “Within an hour, he was showing signs of believing that an Ebola outbreak in the United States was inevitable and unstoppable.”
Once Klugian’s condition was apparent, the Ohio man was rushed to a public library and given a seventh-grade biology textbook, at which point he “started to stabilize,” the spokesman said.
But others exposed to the widening epidemic of Ebola misinformation may not be so lucky. “A man in Oklahoma was exposed to Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Fox for over three minutes,” the C.D.C. spokesman said gravely. “We hope we’re not too late.”

The reality of incompetence below...
Don't be this guy...

The liberals have all the answers and all the knowledge though because their Messiah said we had more to worry about with the flu...Really? Is homie THAT stupid? I believe the Muslim in Chief got a law degree so I doubt he took too many microbiology classes...Thanks President Ebola for leading the sheep right off the cliff. Payback is coming in November.