Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CSX Railroad Threatens The Lives Of Anchorage Residents.

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I live in a small rural community with a great deal of elderly people. I have terminal liver cancer. The photo above was taken shortly after I departed public transportation which arrived at this point at roughly 3:30 p.m. Thanks to the nature of my affliction it is imperative I get across the tracks in an effort to either put things into my system or...remove them.

I called CSX for roughly the fourth time in 60 days and the railroad company representative attempted to blow me off to corporate. I contacted local government and found them supportive and understanding but one representative told me, "they (CSX) are comfortable operating like they are." State law forbids a train from blocking an intersection for an excessive period of time. This particular train sat in the same spot for well over two hours and pending investigation from other sources this time line is easily confirmed. I contacted the Mayor's office yet they seemed in a rush to simple take the report so they could proceed home.

The CSX web site indicated excessive blockage of a track as top priority however mentioning I was a cancer patient had no effect on their response other than to threaten me with law enforcement should I find the physical strength to hop the train...Nice. If one of the hundreds of elderly people that live in this area has a stroke the ambulance would be forced at least ten minutes out of their way and that same stroke victim could easily die. Government is now being called on to be part of the solution or part of the problem - their choice.

Be advised that it is my opinion (focus on opinion) that they threaten the lives of area residents. Any logical and reasonable person should see that...I have a tentative meeting set up with local government and am forwarding more detailed information to local media outlets.

A one time occurrence? No...try an issue that has been going on for over two decades.

"Comfortable with how they operate?"
Sometimes you have to be forced out of your comfort zone.

An explanation of the law that no one wishes to enforce...(For my buddies at CSX and local government and law enforcement agencies)

The most common rule of thumb accepted my most railroads & municipalities is 10 minutes. However, this is not a ‘carved in stone’ proposition.
See this link for good reading and factual information regarding your question:
Also here:

Quoted from document in above link:
“The Uniform Vehicle Code (UVC) is a comprehensive guide designed to help states develop standard motor vehicle and traffic safety laws. The UVC suggests that trains not block crossings for more than five minutes, except under special circumstances (e.g., if a train is disabled; or if no vehicular traffic is waiting to use the crossing; or if it is necessary to comply with signals affecting the safe movement of trains).”

“The majority of states place some restrictions on the amount of time a highway-rail crossing can be blocked, but in no case does it exceed more than twenty minutes, although several provide an exception for emergencies or circumstances beyond the control of the railroad. In addition, some states impose fines that range from a token amount to a few thousand dollars for each occurrence.”

“The impact of blocked crossings on communities from delayed emergency response, while sometimes severe, are considered to be less than their impact on traffic delays and congestion.”

Good question.
Maximum suggested time = 5 minutes
Maximum most accepted time = 10 minutes
Maximum allowable under all circumstances = 20 minutes [exceptions apply]

Remember I waited almost 3 hrs before walking around the train in an effort to get home for a medical emergency. I did not "hop" the train, that is against the law and most common sense practices...Safety first!