Monday, October 6, 2014

Cholet Kanzig Papaux Trio Exchange Neuklang 2014

Cholet Känzig Papaux Trio: EXCHANGE
Exchange is a deceptively subtle collective that with dynamic melodies but with a lyrical intimacy transcending the improvisational genre.
Brent Black /
The Cholet Kanzig Trio's Exchange embraces the collective notion of highly emotive melodic exploration while maintaining a smoldering intimacy of passion. These are lyrical conversations where the musical co-conspirators where overtly pretentious displays of technique and instead replaced with the zen like less is more approach and with stellar results.
Pianist Cholet brings a more refined approach while bassist Kanzig is meticulous in his lyrical flow. Drummer Papaux is the rhythmic glue that allows this trio to find their own harmonic identity free of the self imposed limitations that similar trios are mired in. Organic and oddly ethereal yet blending an orchestrated approach to free improvisation, The Cholet Kanzig Trio find that rare lyrical happy place between the cerebral and the visceral. Magnificent!
Tracks: 2nd Miniature; Carrousel; 1st Miniture; Last Circle; Exchange; Hot Song; 3rd Miniature; Some Other Song; Because of Schumann; Diss; Petite Chanson; Norfolk Song.