Thursday, October 9, 2014

Antoine Fafard Ad Perpetuum Unicorn 2014

Antoine Fafard charts a dynamic new course for progressive fusion!
Brent Black /
Fusion, real fusion took a wrong turn and suddenly the anemic radio format known as smooth jazz was born. Ad Perpetuum is the latest offering from renown bassist Antoine Fafard and suddenly real fusion has been released from the harmonic witness protection program. The wildly contemporary cover art is indeed an indication of the forward thinking lyrical sense of purpose that has Ad Perpetuum as one of the sleeper releases for 2014, it is that good! Antoine Fafard is as artistically gifted as he is technically proficient, a lyrical titan on bass!
Bassist Fafard may not be a household name to the uninitiated but then again neither is guitarist Jerry De Villiers Jr. yet together they form a collective that takes a controlled sonic fury exploratory into the future for modern improvisational music. Oh yeah, Vinnie Colaiuta is insane on drums! Gerry Etkins on keyboards along with drummer Gary Husband and sax player Jean-Pierre Zanella turn in performances that should have true fusion fans killing each other to snag this adventurous release. Colaiuta's drum tracks were produced by Jimmy Haslip and while the sound is undeniable, the groove belongs to the band. The high octane drum duet "D-Day "featuring Colaiuta and Gary Husband (Alan Holdsworth) alone is worth picking up the release.  The odd metered "Slash One" is a slightly more exploratory version of perhaps the new future of fusion while "The Egg" smolders with a controlled sonic fury of rhythmic undulation.
Antoine Fafard takes a blank musical canvas and creates textures you can hear and colors you can feel. The variety is cutting edge while never forcing one off that lyrical cliff into the valley of pretentious overkill.
A superior recording across the board. More than memorable, one of the best for 2014.
Tracks: Shuffle It!; Riff & Raft; PolySeven; Same But Different; Five Course Meal; D-Day; Eternal Loop; Slash One; The Egg; Presilence