Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wally Schnalle Idiot Fish Retlaw 2014

Wally Schnalle has created a new level of sound for the next generation, stunning!
Brent Black /
Attempting to describe drummer Wally Schnalle's Idiot Fish is the harmonic equivalent of attempting to describe colors to someone that has been blind their entire life. Fusion and progressive rock get into a bar fight...Idiot Fish is a personal journey inside an ambient world of carefully nuanced textures, the techno land of rhythm and groove utilizing a myriad of techniques while never allowing one to override another. Here lies the beauty in Idiot Fish, Schnalle never gets in his own way with the end result a 4tet that takes an exploratory look at a myriad of melodic possibilities. "Experimental" and "Avant Garde" don't work as descriptive references as they imply that the creator is merely flying by the seat of his or her pants as they take the shotgun approach to creativity (keep blasting away and hope you fit something). These particular terms were invented years ago by critics with no workable knowledge or clue as to where the artist was heading. I don't claim to here but I know what I like.
Original music such as Idiot Fish is difficult to describe at best as there is not an artist or sound that comes close to this virtual wonderland of sonic experience. Idiot Fish is an experience! Whimsical, cutting edge with a truly progressive sound sum the release up well. Guitarist Hristo Vitchev along with bassist Joe Constantini and keyboardist Frank Martin perform with a rare synergy of lyrical thought as everyone would seem to be on the same page. One of the surprise releases for 2014, I could attempt to go further but perhaps this video of "Squanches" from the new release will answer all your questions!
Photo creatively acquired from Wally Schnalle's web site. Video via You Tube.
Tracks: Market Fresh; Breath Takers; Erroneous; Ferns; Prohibition 21; Sleeper Class; Poolside; Squanches; Sweetener.