Sunday, September 14, 2014

Utah Teen Killed For Being An Idiot...Mom Blames Race (Here We Go Again)

Sick of the race card being played as an excuse for being stupid? Check this out...

Police get a call of a suspicious person with a sword. Suspect lunges at police while holding the sword and guess what? They smoked him...Mom blames race.

Cops have a split second to make a decision and that is not enough time to evaluate race as a reason to do what had to be done. Cops want to go home in one piece. Never lunge at a cop, it will never end in your favor. The kid was stupid or perhaps mentally ill, either way he is now history.

The P.C. chew toys that believe race is an excuse for everything will have a field day. The moral of the story? Cooperate with the police, they are just doing their job. I have had it with the race baiting p.c. culture that allows low life thugs more than they deserve simply because of race.

Read the story yourself...