Friday, September 12, 2014

U/Nam C'est Le Funk Skytown 2014

Funky is as funky does and U/Nam's C'est Le Funk is the new sound for contemporary instrumental music!
Brent Black /
For the artists that walk the smoother side of the improvisational street, the groove has remained stagnant for over a decade. The differences between most artists can be measured with a sheet of paper. U/Nam's C'est Le Funk pushes the music forward and drops a groove bomb of flavor and lyrical flow that most artists are still struggling to find. These are old school vibes dusted off with a new cool funk full of attitude and a technical proficiency to match. While there is an obvious George Benson like influence, U/Nam channels this pioneering sound into his own unique presentation. Simply put, no other contemporary artist sounds like U/Nam!
This soulful and soul filled excursion into the land of rhythm and groove contains notable influences from Maze, Earth Wind and Fire and the great Nile Rodgers but U/Nam puts the paddles to the sound of yesterday and updates the funk with fresh beats and a new attitude. "Smoovin" is a stylistic romp with a lyrical sense of purpose while "Something's Up" is indeed a beat you hear with your feet. U/Nam's playing is clean and precise but never sounding as though it has been sanitized for your protection. A highly emotive and deceptively subtle nuanced flair takes over the cover of the Maze classic "Can't Get Over You."
Vocals and production are spot on. While the vibe is from back in the day, the execution is a contemporary onslaught of texture and flavor that makes C'est Le Funk a modern day wonderland of sound and style. This is smooth jazz all grown up! U/Nam is the real deal!
Tracks: Smoovin'; Something's Up; C'est Le Funk; Can't Get Over You; Risin' To The Top; Throwback Kid; Just Like That; City Lights; Starlight Lover; Act Like You Know; BONUS - Smoovin' Radio Edit; Something's Up Summer Radio Edit.
Personnel Including:
Dwayne "Smitty" Smith and Darryl Williams  (bass), Tim "TiO" Owens, Gennine Francis-Jackson (vocals) and Shannon Kennedy (vocals, saxophone and flutes), Michael White (drums), Denis Benarrosh (percussion), Bill Steinway (Fender Rhodes, Piano), Kim Hansen (Fender Rhodes and keyboards), Christian Martinez (trumpet), Raymond Gimenes and Maria Grigoryeva (strings).