Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - A Point To Ponder...

I realize some will take this the wrong way so I wanted to offer an explanation first. This is not meant to be mean, hurtful or unappreciative. This is meant to simply make you think and consider the perspective from which I am handling my disease. Some days are better than others. This is a simple point to ponder and is in no way directed at any specific individual but the issue continues to be troublesome on occasion.
From my social media page.
Just a reminder and I know people mean really well...Don't contradict me on my disease and tell me how great everything is going to be when the doctors are telling me something different. I live this.You think your positive comments are helping and all they do is make the emotions I am dealing with that much more difficult. The mortality rate "at this point" is 40% and that is high, damn high in medicine and it continues to rise. Your comments don't make me feel better, they devalue and cheapen my situation as it is. A transplant won't even cure me if I am around long enough to qualify. This is not a sprained ankle, my liver is dying. Remember the doctors know more than I do and I know more than you. I live it. Blessed are those that expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed. You plan for the worst but "hope" for the best as it plays out. I blocked one chick that finally worked my last nerve to the bitter end. Really nice person but didn't know when to shut up. You can offer hope but you can not offer promises, don't try. The worst thing you can say to someone is "I know just how you feel" You don' makes them think something must be wrong with them for feeling as they do. You cheapen their emotions. You mean well but think it through.