Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - Organ Donors

I need to talk with you...You will be returned to jazz programming soon!

Most of you know that I am not thrilled over "Obama Care" as transplant guidelines are not uniform. Reform should be equal, no American should die because of their zip code yet it is happening. Why? People are not signing up to be organ donors. It is a tough position to be in, you lost a friend or a family member and then you have to allow a doctor to cut them up and use them as spare parts? That is the reality...

Another reality is that giving the gift of life to someone you don't know and probably will never meet is a selfless act of courage and a sign that human decency still exists...I am going to die. Let me break it down old school...I have liver cancer, advanced. I have already beaten the odds and diseases and have cheated death 4 times...

Bottom line...I will die waiting for transplant. I know it. Doctors know it and some of you know it. I will not quit fighting - ever. If I can convince just one person to be an organ donor then I have led a wondrous life. Don't be sad or feel sorry for me. I have lived more in 52 years than most people have in eighty. I am in a good place.

Please think about being an organ donor. It could be a relative of yours that gets the awful diagnosis. You can make a difference. Please don't sit on the sidelines and expect everyone else to take care of this. Get in the game...That is what living is all about.

Be well,