Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - Never Mistake Passion For Anger

People that do not "get me" consider me angry...Maybe I have a right to be but I am not.  I am happy. I have a passion that runs deep, well past the depths that most people can deal with. I have lived more life in 52 years than some have in 32...It is better to burn out than fade away, an old rock song lyric...

Monday I have a check up for an out patient procedure that was done Friday and they want to be sure I am not bleeding internally...Scary stuff. I start blood thinners that could kill me, it is my only hope. Things could go well or I could bleed into my brain and die in my sleep...Keeps me up at night. Another thing that keeps me up and going is the well wishes and support as this is game time. This is a fight I could lose...but not for a lack of trying.

I am nervous, scared and sick and tired of being sick and tired fight on. You play till you hear the whistle or until someone yells "last call." I have been uniquely blessed and I am thankful. I may seem rather pointed at times now but I do have a great deal on my plate. Don't confuse anger and passion. I love my life and I love my music and I love pushing the envelope...It is how I roll and I am honored some of you have stuck around for the ride...The fat lady ain't singing yet so bring on Monday and let us keep swinging. Swing hard or go home!