Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - The Future Is Now

Not this again...
After over a year of wondering, work, and worry there will be definitive answers coming to me by Wednesday. I am waiting on what the future holds. My life is not in my own hands and that is a scary feeling.
I almost died three times on the operating table and I survived a thyroid storm Friday which is a serious medical emergency. Not knowing is not an easy thing to deal with, the pressure is at times excruciating but I am blessed with the finest group of care givers one could hope for.
Blood work indicates thyroid cancer but the biopsy results should be ready sometime Monday. Either way they will remove the thyroid. The MRI will confirm how many or if any tumors responded to treatment. If none then more and stronger treatment. I am worn out, worn down but yet I get out of the recliner every day to give it another shot. I write about music thanks to the encouragement of some musicians that I grew up admiring while never knowing I would meet them thanks to this adventure.
Life is funny. Never take anything for granted. Enjoy what you have now, you won't have it forever.
You can still help the fund on this home page but it will be closing soon. I'll be in no shape to try and deal with it no matter what happens.
Be well,