Monday, September 15, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - A Day In The Life / The Beginning of the End?

Funny how things change...
Brent Black /
24 hours ago I was nervous and scared about the rather serious therapy to help remove a pesky blood clot. I knew it would be a challenge but nothing I couldn't beat...A funny thing happened on the way to the hospital. My oncologist (one of three) informed me that I also had varicose veins inside my chest and that the treatment was out of the question. I would die almost certainly within 90 days. There isn't really much they can do but a very low dose aspirin regime in hopes that might thin the blood enough. It is a huge long shot and I don't wear rose colored glasses. I am a realist and know the odds.
The transplant is not off the table but it is a waiting game.
I wanted to announce that baring the second coming or hell freezing over that this would be the last week for my medical fund. Thank you is not enough. Your kindness allowed me to keep working, buy additional vitamins I might have otherwise gone without and keep a level of health just good enough to keep writing. You lifted a giant burden from my shoulders and I am committed to pay your kindness forward. I was convinced that I could come back and do an all independent site but my doctors are all in agreement that I have to take it easy. I'll be around but not in the same capacity.
Again, I am so grateful at your contributions that words fail me. If you would still like to help it is always needed at and you can use paypal or the funding widget.
This is the latest update. Not a good one but...maybe this too shall pass.
Be Well,