Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Ferguson Missouri Thugs Are On The March - Again!

Innocent till proven guilty still means something so let me make two points perfectly clear...

1.) If the Ferguson Officer violated any law be it local, state or Federal then I hope he receives the ultimate punishment fitting the charges.

2.) Facts...Where are they?

The investigation is continuing and all we have heard from in terms of witnesses are some thug life want to be petty criminals that back up the story Brown was executed...Bullshit.

Credible? Hardly...

Now a make shift memorial was removed, torn down or what have you and the response from a select group of the population? Rob...loot...and steal from their brothers.

One fact we do know is Brown stole some cigars, assaulted what appears to be a white man and got smoked for being a moron...Yes, it is that simple. Even after the crime the select group of trash that lives in Ferguson began looting, stealing and destroying their neighbors businesses....I guess if Brown could do it then they figured it was fitting tribute....Let us go to the video tape:

Not everyone in Ferguson is trash. You never lump everyone into one basket as there are always a few bad apples...But this is the video his mother doesn't want you to see... I will never celebrate the death of another human being but...this cop performed a public service. Let us wait for the justice system to play this out, remember - you thought Trayvon was innocent too! Opps!
Case closed.