Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Social Media / Personalities / Rush Limbaugh

Since so many musicians in the jazz field feel compelled to post their personal feelings on the social moray's of the day while languishing in relative obscurity allow me to take a page from their self righteous hymnal.

I am a registered independent, a fiscal conservative and social moderate and while I favor Republicans over Democrats there are a great many that demonize me as a follower of Rush Limbaugh.

A,) Never heard the man or any portion of his show. What I know is what I have read and I don't like it.
B.) I must watch Fox News 24/7 - Again, Don't watch it and haven't watched it in over a decade.

Abuse against not just women but children and yes even men can not be tolerated on any level. This story has just hit cyber space and confirms the ignorance and stupidity that is Rush Limbaugh. In this particular case when a woman says "no" then that is EXACTLY what she means and you do not pass go nor do you collect two hundred dollars. Rush is the poster boy for why dinosaurs became extinct thanks to their tiny pea sized brains.

Read this lunacy for yourself:


Please note while I think the Huffington Post's only useful purpose is at the bottom of a bird cage, even a blind squirrel scores a nut on occasion.