Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sergio Mendes Magic Okeh 2014

After more than fifty years, Sergio Mendes is still Magic!
Brent Black /
Music that transcends genre and defies categorization is rare and rarer still is the artist that can last over five decades and create a textured flavor of sonic wonder that can appeal to listeners from each of those five decades! Magic is the latest offering from the legendary Sergio Mendes and features cameos from Will.I.Am, John Legend and Milton Nascimento. Magic is forward thinking cutting edge by combining a myriad of genres including hip hop, soul and the more traditional rhythms associated with popular Brazilian music to something that resembles an improvisational gumbo of rhythm and groove.
"My My My My Love" is a hip hop global jam featuring Will.I.Am and pops with a tight contemporary finish that has mad crossover potential! "Don't Say Goodbye" is another potential crossover hit featuring John Legend and a soulful and soul filled vibe with that bright and breezy Brazilian flavor smoldering just below the surface. "Olha A Rua" has another legend in Milton Nascimento stopping by to take part in this improvisational vocalese on steroids. Magic is global music gone wild crossing genres, continents and the demographics label executives hold dear to their heart. Magic has something for everyone and that is what good music should do! Sergio Mendes handled the production work and the end result is tight but with an eclectic warmth that shows just where the rhythm can take you!
 Tracks; Simbora; My My My My Love; Don't Say Goodbye; Sou Eu; When I Fell In Love; Meu Rio; Visions of You; Samba De Roda; Atlantica; Olha A Rua; Hidden Waters; Magic; One Nation.