Friday, September 12, 2014

Roseanna Vitro Clarity Random Act 2014

Roseanna Vitro is back taking on the music of Clare Fischer with stellar results.
Brent Black /
The music of Clare Fischer is a daunting task at best for most singers, Roseanna Vitro makes it look easy! Clarity is the new release and has been a project roughly two years in the making. The new release has some rare gems and some old favorites. Vitro is in fine voice and this release showcases just how far her range and lyrical depth can flow. A critically acclaimed vocalist and an esteemed clinician, Roseanna Vitro is like death and taxes - you can always count on her.
Bossa nova and jazz samba are brought into the mix as Vitro expands her harmonic wheelhouse with a stellar band including Sara Caswell, Tim Horner and Mark Soskin. While the more widely known Fischer tunes such as "Morning" and "Seagull" are pulled off with ease, lesser known tunes such as "Take Your Breath" add an eclectic base from which Vitro and the band soar.
Roseanna Vitro is a searching artist reaching for that lyrical brass ring. Criticism? Well the band and arrangements are somewhat reminiscent of the Grammy nominated The Music of Randy Newman. Not being hypercritical, this is a positive as Roseanna Vitro has all the tools to expand her sound as well as her songbook selections.
An engaging performance from Roseanna Vitro.
4 Stars
Tracks: Morning; Web of Love; Love's Path; Seagull; Swingin' With The Duke; Pensativa; Life's Journey; Sleep My Child; Take Your Breath And Sing; I Remember Spring.
Personnel: Roseanna Vitro: Vocals and Arranging; Mark Soskin: Pianos and Arranging; Sara Caswell: Violin; Dean Johnson: Bass; Tim Horner: Drums; Mino Cinelu: Percussion; Brent Fischer: Vibes (9); Paul Wickliffe: Producer / Engineer.