Monday, September 1, 2014

Rey Cabrera Y Sus Amigos Cleopatra 2014

1923 REYCABRERA med res

Rey Cabrera brings authentic Cuban flavor with some of the finest Latin jazz available!

Brent Black /

Those of you that roll with me in my musical mafia know that if it is Latin then I am there! Now here is the deal, Latin music is made up of a variety of hybrids both from within the country of origin and in the case of Rey Cabrera we have son cubano which is a blend of the Spanish cancion and African rhythms. The end result is Y Sus Amigos, a release steeped in authentic flavor and the passion that is the music of Cuba!

Cabrera is a master of the tres, a traditional Cuban style guitar and this more organic presentation is authentic and some of the finest Latin jazz to hit the North American shores in sometime. Are you going to know the tunes? Probably not but the authentic flavor and rhythmic passion is such that the music transcends all know cultural boundaries. Cabrera has performed to critical acclaim across the globe and one listen to Y Sus Amigos will confirm why. Don't accept a knock off, check out the real deal!

Tracks: Merci Beaucoup; Mi Nina Mari; Los Refrancitos; Le Canto Al Palenque with Roberto Carrion; Cuando Nace El Sol with Rene Baes; Me Voy A Recoger Café; Canto A Bruselas, 10 Anos Despues; Los Testigos; La Calabaza with Mongo Vuelta; El Fuki Fuki with DJ Proceed.