Monday, September 15, 2014

Project H We Live Among The Lines 2014

Stupid good!
Brent Black /
Project H and their latest We Live Among The Lines welcomes you to the land of rhythm and groove. This septet pops with a vibrant horn driven sound that might best be described as part retro Chicago horns and part Snarky Puppy...and you can dance to it! Kansas City is home to a vibrant jazz community, their achilles heel would be competing with similar cities such as San Francisco, Portland and Austin Texas, Project H is their ace in the hole and the Midwest's best kept improvisational secret. Jazz, funk and soul are brought together with an amazing consistency. There is no wheelhouse just good music!
"Do It Up & Do It Right" has the horn section firing on all cylinders and their stuff is tight! "Dozer" maintains a smoldering groove highlighting the bands innate ability to change harmonic direction on the fly. "Vandelay" is a syncopated percussive groove which again shows a tremendous consistency not to mention a chemistry that seems to scream from ones speakers. Other artistic comparison could easily be made but they would be incredibly unfair. Project H is a cultural by product of their own experience with a voice that is distinctive and talent that has placed them on stage with the previously mentioned Snarky Puppy and The Bad Plus.
Championing independent artists is an easy gig when the band is this insanely good. One of the better releases across any genre for 2014. There should be a law against music being this much fun!
Personnel: Clint Ashlock: Trumpet; Ryan Heinlein: Trombone; Brett Jackson: Tenor Saxophone / Bass Clarinet; Matt Leifer: Drums; Andrew Ouellette: Keyboards; Dominque Sanders: Bass; Jeff Stocks: Guitars.
Tracks: Not A Person; A Bear's Cage; Devolver; Do It Up & Do It Right; Skyfinger; Uncool Kids; Dozer; The Fall and Rise of...; Vandelay; Until The End Is Near.