Monday, September 8, 2014

Peripheral Vision Sheer Tyranny of Will 2014

Innovative, cutting edge and fearless finds Peripheral Vision as one of the most creative new ensembles emerging on the scene today.
Brent Black /
Toronto is a hot bed for up and coming improvisational groups and Sheer Tyranny of Will announces Peripheral Vision's addition to this very exclusive club. At first glance, a band with influences including Wayne Shorter, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and The Bad Plus screams train wreck. Good thing being wrong works for me on occasion. Peripheral Vision displays an amazing cohesion of sound as the cut a wide harmonic path that perhaps only a dozen other bands in North America could touch. Genres are transcended and boundaries are smashed.
Describing sounds can be a daunting task when it comes to looking at new acts. Imagine a hard swinging post bop combined with an edgy contemporary statement of lyrical intensity. These are more than tunes on the cutting edge, these are melodic explorations of give and take. A true collective where each members voice makes a unique and dynamic statement. Post bop rhythm and groove. When a new release is this good sometimes the critic needs to back off and let the music speak for itself.
Tracks: Robbed and Riddiculed; Wiretap; Charleston Heston; Sheer Tyranny of Will; Neurosis and Everyday Life; Cement Watchers; Backbone; The Ill Conceived Plan; Cadmium Thumb; Patina.
Personnel: Trevor Hogg: Saxophone; Don Scott: Guitar; Michael Herring: Bass; Nick Fraser: Drums.