Sunday, September 14, 2014

Obama's First Isis Lie...Bet You Didn't See It Coming Huh?

Obama and his supporters...
So...Obama announced a broad coalition that would aid the United States in defeating Isis. Opps! Didn't exist then and doesn't exist now.
We have the world's biggest pacifist in John Kerry attempting to rally countries to our side while he travels across the middle east begging for support. Oh sure, Australia kicked in a dozen planes and some cash was raised but that is far from a coalition. The stupidity of the argument boggles the mind. Obama tells other countries to commit combat forces while we attack from the air. A high school ROTC cadet can figure this out. You do the heavy lifting while we take all the glory...
If Obama was as highly respected across the globe as he would have you believe then the coalition could have been built in hours, not weeks if then...A liar, a narcissist and a thief. Insult "our" President? Sorry, not my President as I never voted for him.
The first of many Isis lies that will have Obama punching his own ticket for impeachment. Elect a community organizer as Commander in Chief? Nice going America. You screwed the pooch on this one.