Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama and The Isis Speech...An Update

It is the anniversary of the devastating terror attacks that hit one of the greatest cities in the world and tragically killed people from a variety of different countries. A day that will never be forgotten or forgiven...

Did you see the Obama speech last night? I haven't seen one musician in the field that I spend the most of my time working in (Jazz) come out and say, "Yeah! Way to go!" There is a reason for that...Obama's foreign policy? Allow two journalists to have their heads cut off while he releases top terrorist commanders to bring home a deserter...Sure, Obama has tons of credibility in foreign policy. Joe Biden is supposed to be an expert in foreign policy yet he has morphed into the Where's Waldo of Washington D.C. Dumb and Dumber first blood part two.

Obama pulled one of the biggest bonehead moves of all time by announcing he had no foreign policy to deal with the terror threat of Isis. It was obvious but to announce it to the world just shows what happens when one elects a failed community organizer as "Commander in Chief." The speech was long on generalities and short on specifics. Obama spoke of a coalition that had been formed yet mentioned no participating countries. Obama touted the United States as being responsible for rallying the world against the Soviet Union's invasion of the Ukraine. Really? That actually never happened as Putin made Obama his bitch some time ago.

Obama was obviously uncomfortable, painfully so. The end of the speech had Obama taking the shotgun approach to propaganda by blasting away with talking points on how great American manufacturing is...O.K. this has what to do with terrorism? A chance to do a little Democratic campaigning to fill up some air time might best describe the tail end of this plane being flown into the side of a mountain. you feel secure? I don't. This was lip service, an empty and forced gesture to convince the American people he is not dumber than Jimmy Carter. Wrong...And I didn't think that was possible. Liberals are quiet as well they should be with a President with a 38% approval rating. So now we are heading back to the Middle East and Obama is threatening Syria yet again...Gee and it worked so well the first time huh?

The best! According to Obama, Isis is not Islamic. The first letter in Isis stands for Islamic by this groups own admission. Wow...Unbelievable! It was breaking Obama's heart knowing he had to bad mouth friends and family. You can not win this kind of campaign from the air alone, you have to have a force on the ground but Obama refuses. Setting America up for failure once again and punching his own ticket to impeachment should he bypass Congress.