Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not A Goodbye, Just A Final Thank You

My GoFundMe campaign is over and we did well. Thanks to the kindness of strangers and in some cases repeated kindness, I could pay for treatment not covered by insurance along with pharmacy needs a wealth of other incidentals that I simply put under the umbrella term wellness.

I still have a long tough fight ahead, nothing is easy and nothing promised. The burden you lifted from my shoulders is indescribable. The faith you gave me restored what little was left of my soul. When you don't know if you can make it and then a "friend" who is really a stranger says, "I'll help you" then there is decency and goodness and humanity left in this messed up world.

I know I am an acquired taste but know this, my disease makes me irritable and short tempered and without the proper medication then I honestly can't help it. Sometimes with the proper medication the side effects cause this, not a fun way to live but...I am alive. Still here. I thank you again for the donations, prayers and thoughtful words of support.

Be well,
I'll pay it forward.