Monday, September 8, 2014

Mark Lomax Trio Isis and Osiris Inarhyme 2014

A stunning soulful and soul filled excursion. The exponential growth of this trio is amazing!
Brent Black /
A true African suite. The perfect marriage of the harmonic textures and rhythms that make up the spiritual edge of both Egyptian and African mythology. A melodic force of nature embracing a blues based bottom line and the more traditional African based polyrhythms simply amps up the intensity from their critically acclaimed 2010 release, The State of Black America.
The intensity if fierce yet the execution is precise and far reaching with a lyrical sense of purpose that is at times captivating. An ebb and flow ties this work together as interludes allow the listen to follow the melodic train of thought while the rhythmic fury swings as hard as any hard bop trio. To dissect this work would be to draw attention away from the lyrical sense of purpose. Inspirational aspects include wisdom, power and love as drawn from the cultural landscape. A conceptualized groove of exploration of music that has been attempted before but never at this high level of proficiency.  
Drummer Lomax plays with an innate finesse while saxophonist Edwin Bayard advances his own artistic voice. Bassist Dean Hulett displays an organic exploration of the rhythmic soul of this most formidable trio. To refer to Isis and Osiris as the modern day A Love Supreme might be a bit of a reach for some. Music must evolve to survive. Meet the future.
Tracks: Kemet; Interlude (Bass); Isis; Interlude (Drums); Osiris; Interlude (Drums); Chaos; Love; Interlude (Tenor Saxophone); Resurrection.
Personnel: Mark Lomax: Leader / Drums; Edwin Bayard: Tenor Saxophone; Dean Hulett: Acoustic Bass.