Monday, September 1, 2014

Memorial Day and Raising The Minimum Wage - Obama's Dumbest Idea Yet!

As the Marxist influenced wealth redistribution train run by Mr. Obama is skidding down the tracks, let us take a practical if not analytical look at the issue.

Obama has forced small business to purchase health insurance despite the fact the employee should be smart enough to budget for the government mandated expense. Here is the bottom line, add another expense which would be a 24% pay increase for people with menial skills and you will have more people out of work and more businesses shutting the doors. Business can not afford it. People talk about fairness...All men are created equal but all men (and women) do not have equal skill sets. This is a potential powder keg for the economy including the record industry which has numerous small labels, small publicists and independent entrepreneurs trying to make a go of it.

This has nothing to do with political party or being "fair" as it is nothing more than simple basic economics that most high school students can grasp...You let the fool get away with health care and things don't seem to be any better. Let Obama get away with this and the melt down of 2008 will look like "good times" as compared with what is coming. Businesses will close, they are under no obligation to keep their doors open.

Don't believe me? Read this link or google the question, Will raising the minimum wage hurt small business? Hmmm Obama couldn't be trying to rustle up some Democratic votes for November could he? Fool me once...