Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Masterchef Winner Courtney Not Being Received With Open Arms

Rarely do I review television...

Last night Masterchef crowned a new winner. A former stripper by the name of Courtney, not her stage name. The entire season and finale seemed a bit contrived to say the least. Courtney appears to be a talented cook yet offered up salty cranberries and an incomplete desert but still managed to pull it out. Reminds me of American Idol.

The best technical singer never wins Idol, the most popular singer takes home the prize. I noticed hundreds of angry comments on the Masterchef facebook page crying "rigged." I can tell you from experience having worked for American Idol, these shows are not rigged. Favoritism does make an appearance from all judges but after the game show scandal of some 45 years ago, these are not rigged shows. Be that as it may, Courtney should not have won based on the technical merit that the Masterchef judges speak of on a continuous basis. Hypocritical.

The husband of the other competitor fainted and something just did not look right about the way in which he went down...Strange.

Shenanigans? I'll leave that up for you to side. A reason to watch again next season, hardly.

A disappointing end to a disappointing season. I'll go out on a limb and state this may be Courtney's fifteen minutes of fame. You will find her cookbook on the discount table soon enough and after she blows through her cash there could be a reasonable chance she climbs the stripper evolutionary ladder and gives porn a shot. This is all conjecture of course. Courtney could surprise some people however factoring in the short skirts, heels, pretentious model poses, and over acting - the smart money says no. Masterchef got it wrong.