Sunday, September 28, 2014

Marbin The Third Set MoonJune 2014

Marbin's The Third Set is full contact fusion, a nuclear fire storm of intensity...

Brent Black /

There are professional journalistic standards that one should adhere to when writing a review. The Third Set is so insanely good that journalistic guidelines go straight out the window. The Third Set is a harmonic blast furnace of lyrical power that might be best described as Jimi Hendrix and Alan Holdworth get into a bar fight...Ten original tunes that take no prisoners. Living Color on steroids.

Generic full on fusion? No...A world groove of flavor but with enough spice to touch the heart and set your hair on fire at the same time. "Volta" is one of the more memorable dialed down tunes yet the smoldering passion is undeniable. "Culture" brings in a more world music vibe but instead of venturing off into the pretentious melodic road less traveled there is an amazing accessibility to this tune as with the smoking "Redline."

A rhythm section that will make your pulse pound and a lyrical intensity that is unmatched by some of the better rock bands of today, Marbin is the real deal!

Tracks: Special Olympics; The Depot; Crystal Bells; Redline; Culture; Vanthrax; Rabak; Splaw; Northern Odyssey; Volta.
Personnel: Danny Markovitch: Saxophones; Dani Rabin: Guitar; Justyn Lawrence: Drums; Jae Gentile: Bass.