Friday, September 19, 2014

Liver Chronicles - Last Days of The Medical Fund and an Explanation!

So....the latest news.

5 tumors on my liver.
Latest imaging:

2 appear to be dead.
1 is so small they can not tell what it is up to.
1 is reduced in size to the point they think it is dying.
1 is 3 times larger than it was 3 months ago.

Some artists think contributing to my fund is a conflict of interest. Understandable.
A.) You don't have to be an artist to contribute.
B.) I am not "bought and paid for" as if you contribute then I assume you care and are not looking for favors.

Case in point:
A publicist that I had a great working relationship with stuck a knife in my back and screwed me over on some publicist work he was farming out. I wasn't happy but his defense was "you cant be upset cause I contributed to your fund." Guess how fast I cut ties and blocked this ungrateful bastard?

It is not a conflict of interest. I can not be bought by anyone...that is what makes me different.
I am hoping for a huge finish. If you are able please use the paypal link or funding widget at

Proudly independent and supporting those artists!
Be Well,