Sunday, September 14, 2014

Krom / Krom 2014

Krom has more potential to make a significant mark in improvisational music than any other piano trio working today. Magnificent!

Brent Black /

Hands down the best piano trio in North America. Realizing that taste is of course a subjective entity there is of course always room for discussion. Tone deaf lasts forever. This collective embraces the harmonic movement often associated with rock influences and finds their own melodic happy place with an improvisational base that hints of European trios and American free jazz exploration. Not a pianist and two after thoughts but a collective of spatial texture that hits both the cerebral and visceral planes. A quiet unassuming trio that packs one hell of a harmonic punch.

Artistic comparisons can be fraught with peril so stay with me. While pianist Adam Kromelow has a distinctive Billy Joel type harmonic movement he does so while displaying his own unique artistic voice. Dynamics are changed on the fly as meter and lyrical flow evolve into something far deeper than most trios are willing to go. "Savior Complex" is a pulsating composition that comes from a deep rich color palette and sets the stage for what is to come. "See With Your Eyes" is an intense odd metered number that morphs from a free spatial quality into a more cerebral melodic flow. "Sven's New Identity" pops with a syncopated percussive intensity that touches the visceral nerve without the pretentious aspect similar trios have brought to the table. Bassist Raviv Markovitz and drummer Jason Burger provide an amazing rhythmic arsenal of texture that pianist Kromelow seems to feed from. The synergy of sound and lyrical sense of purpose is amazing. All original compositions support a fresh and unencumbered sound that is part of the renaissance of improvisational music.

Good piano trios are predictable and a dime a dozen...Great piano trios push the boundaries of improvisational music with a creative spark that transcends genre, now you know Krom.

Tracks: Savior Complex; The Experiment; The Better Story; Fly; See With Your Eyes; Hard Hearts; Trust Your Instincts; Sven's New Identity; Monster Bite.
Personnel: Adam Kromelow: Piano; Raviv Markovitz: Bass; Jason Burger: Drums / Percussion