Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kalle Kalima & K-18 Bunuel de Jour Tum 2014

The cinematic fusion of the avant garde with prog rock, harmonic fury at it's peak!
Brent Black /
Bunuel de Jour is the cerebral and visceral deconstruction of the works of Spanish director Luis Bunuel. Not to worry as one does not need to be an aficionado of foreign film to appreciate the evocative exploratory performed thanks to the inspiration of some of Bunnuel's finest work. Kalle Kalima & K-18 are harmonic chameleons changing colors, textures and lyrical direction at will to effectively captured the cinematic moods of the various films while working strictly in the audio format, the visuals are left up to the listener.
Kalle Kalima is a German based guitarist that has a most unique style somewhere between Frank Zappa and Robert Fripp. This formidable 4tet is rounded off with Mikko Innanen primarily on alto saxophone and Veli Kujala on quarter tone accordion and Teppo Hauta-aho with each considered a master of their weapon of choice. The cinematic style of Bunnuel is such that this particular release can walk the harmonic tightrope of full contact prog rock and immediately shift to a deceptively subtle textured approach allowing for subtle nuances to creep into the aural plane of consciousness.
Their third release has the band coming full circle, a sonic collective. Hints of European classic are felt and to pigeon hole this band or their sound into a comfortable niche is a daunting task as they easily transcend genre and more towards the level of a lyrical experience.
Tracks: The Phantom of Liberty; The Milky Way; El Padre; Los Olvidados; Belle de Jour; Diary of a Chambermaid; The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie; Tristiana; Simon of the Desert; That Obscure Object of Desire; An Andalusian Dog; Viridiana.