Sunday, September 28, 2014

George Benson Breezin' Audio Fidelity 2014

George Benson <> Breezin'

The legendary release Breezin' is back better than ever!

Brent Black /

There are those that consider and for the most part have accurately documented that Jeff Lorber may well be the father of the smooth jazz movement. George Benson may be the godfather of contemporary instrumental music and the iconic Breezin' is back on a limited edition hybrid multichannel SACD release that takes an iconic release that started a musical revolution to a new level in sound. There are some older releases that simply can not make the transition well, the mastering of the original release will let one know quickly just how well or how badly someone may have failed. Breezin' makes the cut with ease!

Benson whose talents have continued to soar since this 1976 release has solidified his place in the history of improvisational music by taking a Wes Montgomery lyrical gift to a new evolutionary point in contemporary instrumental music. 4 Grammy nominations and two wins along with this being the first jazz release to earn platinum certification have George Benson at the top of the improvisational food chain.

Jazz made the most important crossover in the history of music thanks to the artistry of George Benson and this newly released hybrid disc is pure gold!

Tracks: Breezin'; This Masquerade; Six To Four; So This Is Love?; Lady.