Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gavin Templeton Trio Some Spinning Some At Rest Orenda 2014

One of the most refreshing sounds from the avant gard side of improvisational music in years!
Brent Black /
"Avant garde" is a misnomer as Gavin Templeton is one of the more lyrically directed performs that I have heard in some time. Left of center? A bit...wildly accessible and pushing improvisational music to the next level? Absolutely! Some Spinning, Some At Rest is the essence of what have come to refer to as jazz, a lyrical exploratory not from the heart but a place deeper than the soul. There is a harmonious synergy captured that is rare with large ensembles much less a trio!
This is a most cohesive ensemble yet they form around the harmonic ebb and flow of Templeton like a lyrical glove, a perfect fit. Melodically intense yet there is a smoldering passion lurking beneath these originals that sets this trio apart from some of their contemporaries. Bassist Richard Geddens is the soulful and soul filled anchor while drummer Gene Coye can dial up the sonic fury at the drop of a hat.
While avant garde, electronica and pop influence would scream train wreck to some, to those willing to listen you will be transformed to and with the future of modern jazz. Subtle perfection!
Tracks: Exit Row; Around Arroyo; Hot Mop; Secrets; Not Tonight; There You Go Again; Tooth and Nail; Exitro Reprise.
Personnel: Gavin Templeton: Alto Saxophone; Richard Giddens: Bass; Gene Coye: Drums.