Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Frank Catalano Love Supreme Collective Ropeadope 2014

The personification of passion on a shiny silver disc, Frank Catalano is a lyrical visionary!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
In improvisational music there are a handful of releases that one would be advised to steer clear from when thinking about doing a cover and they include; Kind of Blue, Take Five and of course A Love Supreme. There is a subtle key to success that will make taking on these monumental works a bit easier, be yourself. Saxophonist Frank Catalano formed a most unique group of harmonic co-conspirators, The Love Supreme Collective. On paper it would look to be a train wreck, on disc this is one of the most iconic releases in the history of jazz brought back to life with a slightly more modern twist.
There is of course the burning intensity of "Acknowledgement of Truth" which pairs nicely against a more introspective "Resolution of Purpose." This is not Catalano attempting to bang out his best impression of the legendary John Coltrane, this is a harmonic exploratory of the melodic possibilities that have remained dormant in one of the most influential releases of our time. The band is an all star and most unlikely cast including Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin along with Percy Jones from Brand X, Chris Poland from Megadeath and Adam Benjamin from Kneebody. The finished product is a vibrant and incredibly organic sound that moves past the original and into a slightly more contemporary and in some cases rock oriented exploration of just how the original tunes can be manipulated yet never mangled in melody. The closing "Psalm For John" moves to a more contemporary realm of expression while maintaining the spiritual ambience that Coltrane's original masterwork intended. Catalano is a beast, an avant garde firestorm of controlled sonic fury
Frank Catalano suffered a finger injury that could have easily ended his stellar career. Faith, hope and A Love Supreme saw him through his hard times. We should all be so lucky.
Tracks: Acknowledgement of Truth; Resolution of Purpose; Pursuance and Persistence; Psalm For John.
Personnel: Frank Catalano: Tenor and Soprano Saxophone; Jimmy Chamberlin: Drums; Percy Jones: Bass; Adam Benjamin: Keys (1-3); Chris Poland: Guitar (4).