Friday, September 26, 2014

ESPN Bows To The NFL And Suspends Bill Simmons For Three Weeks

Some or most of you may have missed this...

ESPN's Bill Simmons was place on "injured reserve" for three weeks thanks to a profanity laced podcast trashing of the NFL Commissioner...Funny.
Steve A. Smith a BLACK personality for ESPN can make insensitive comments about domestic violence that are offensive to everyone and he still gets paid...

According to NFL Security there is a timeline that would indicate the Commissioner knew about the Ray Rice incident long before he took action. Cover up? You decide.

The ESPN defense is that there are acceptable standards of journalistic behavior. True dat...So why not enforce them equally? Readers want the unvarnished truth and sometimes the unvarnished truth is a bit dirty but that is reality.

I have been known to fracture the occasional journalistic standard...I have been suspended. I have been asked not to write negative columns. Long story short...censor me and we are done.

Bill Simmons is an articulate, cerebral and critically acclaimed journalist. He should tell ESPN to suck it as he will have no problem finding work with other networks.

This is as clear as black and white...wink wink...