Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eric Johnson and Mike Stern!

Two bona fide guitar heroes in their respective fields – Eric Johnson in the rock realm and Mike Stern in the jazz world – go toe-to-toe on Eclectic, a scintillating musical showcase that brings together their disparate influences in one potent package.
Recorded at Johnson’s studio in his native Austin, Texas, Eclectic, scheduled for release on October 28 on Heads Up/Concord Music Group, is anchored by the flexible rhythm tandem of drummer Anton Fig (a longstanding member in the Paul Shaffer-led house band of Late Night With David Letterman) and Johnson’s regular bassist Chris Maresh. Special guests on this three-day session include Austin’s resident soul man Malford Milligan, Mike’s wife Leni Stern and Christopher Cross (the GRAMMY® Award-winning songwriter of “Sailin’,” “Ride Like the Wind” and “Arthur’s Theme”).