Saturday, September 6, 2014

Claire Martin & The Montpellier String Quartet Linn 2014

Claire Martin is that rare vocal artist never afraid to push the lyrical envelope!
Brent Black /
Claire Martin makes vocal jazz sexy again with a smoldering sophistication of timeless elegance. The latest offering finds Martin paired with the Montpellier Cello Quartet and the results are striking. Chamber jazz meets modern music with an organ pulse and evocative style that only Martin can seem to embrace.
The tunes you know yet that are more to the eclectic side with marvelous adaptations of such favorites as the David Bowie classic "The Man Who Fell To Earth" along with such standards as "My Ship" and a stellar cover of "Round Midnight." No matter the style, Martin crawls inside a lyric and gets comfortable and allows the listener to follow her on the same journey.  A rare Joni Mitchell number "Two Grey Rooms" may be the crowning jewel of this recording while the Montpellier Cello Quartet adds a unique texture to a presentation that could have easily gone the other way.
Claire Martin has taken traditional vocal jazz to the next level and it is about time!

Tracks: My Ship; Catch Me If You Can; She's Leaving Home; Early To Bed; Featherfall; The Man Who Sold The World; Lost For Words; Round Midnight; My Man's Gone Now; Two Grey Rooms; Goodbye For Now.

Personnel: Claire Martin: vocals; Dan James: cello; Sarah Davison: cello; Joe Giddey: cello; Siriol Hugh-Jones: cello; Joe Stilgoe: piano, vocals; Gareth Williams, piano; Jeremy Brown: bass; Laurence Cottle: electric bass; Ben Reynolds: drums.

Special Thanks To Michael Bloom of Michael Bloom Media Relations.