Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another American Journalist Dead Thanks To Obama

Another American journalist has been executed by Isis...Thank you Mr. Obama!
I realize some would say "Mr. President" would be the appropriate title but since you have never acted the least bit "Presidential" there is no reason to give you respect that has never been earned.

Reports surfaced this morning on some major news outlets that Obama not only knew about Isis a year ago but refused to issue an order to strike them at their very heart when the military was anxiously waiting to do their duty...Treason. Obama works his ass off to gain the release of a deserter and trades high level terrorist commanders and doesn't lift a finger to help these journalists? What a son of a bitch...and that is factually accurate.

"To protect us against all enemies both foreign and domestic..."
Obama has admitted he has NO foreign policy and no long term strategy for dealing with what is now a well funded terror group that stretches across two countries and has their eye set on America. Sleep well America.

Isis, or as I call them "the Obama family reunion" are a vicious and ruthless bunch of masked desert rats with the intent of doing this nation as much harm as possible BUT...Obama says he has no foreign policy...You Obama chew toys that collectively don't have the cognitive skills to wind a watch should be so proud in defending an ideology and not your own citizens. Let a punk a** b*tch like Michael Brown get smoked for fighting with a cop and you would think the world is coming to an end. Elect an unqualified "President" that would struggle to lead a march for unwed mothers (another Obama family reunion) and that is just great cause after all, it was his turn!

Obama lied about health care reform, Libya and now admits he has no foreign policy against the greatest threat this nation has ever seen...If you aren't scared you are insane. If you don't call your representatives and demand that this offspring of documented Communists be removed from office than you are as much to blame as the p.o.s. you elected.

Yes, an American journalist died and you god damn right I take it personally.