Monday, September 1, 2014

Annie Ross To Lady With Love Red Anchor 2014

ANNIE ROSS - To Lady With Love cover
The legendary Annie Ross serves up a musical gift that celebrates the artistry of Billie Holiday, magnificent!
Brent Black /
Let's face it, the Billie Holiday songbook has been done to death and even with the great Annie Ross there could always be that risky of predictability. To Lady with Love moves past the expected as Ross enlists the father / son guitar duo of Bucky and John Pizzarelli. You have heard it on television music shows a million times, song selection means everything. To Lady With Love begins to soar as these are tunes connected to the legendary Billie Holiday and we are treated to a personal statement of Ross concerning the impact the icon has made of her life.
The compositions here that immediately leap out include "For All We Know" along with "I Get Along Without You Very Well" and "Travelin' Light." Ross manipulates her phrasing and tunes are tweaked but the melodies are never mangled. An intimate atmosphere begins to develop that allows the listener to come along for a very personal ride. The addition of the Pizzarelli's is nothing short of a stroke of musical genius. This is Billie Holiday celebrated on perhaps the finest level. An exquisite lyrical journey.
Tracks: To Lady; For All We Know; I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You; I'm A Fool To Want You; Violet For Your Furs; You Don't Know What Love Is; You've Changed; When Your Love Has Gone; I Get Along Without You Very Well; It's Easy To Remember; Travelin' Light; Music Is Forever.