Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An Open Letter To Improvisational Musicians / Pulling Reviews

Artists -

Despite the fact I review several other genres, I am directing this to the "jazz" musicians that I have worked with or may be interested in having a review done. Social media is a great marketing tool and a necessary evil. I refer to social media as the cyber island of misfit toys.

If you don't like something I may post on your page then please have enough professionalism to email me or message me so we can work together and solve the issue. Take a cyber drive by or pot shot for all the world to see and your review will be pulled faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

I don't cut and paste reviews (press releases) like so many "critics." I write. Writers are looking for the same respect as musicians and we are under no obligation to leave our review up allowing you free publicity when you attempt to trash us in public. Case in point...I published a review I did of a Russian pianist on Amazon and within five minutes was emailed that my review influenced their buying decision.

It is never smart to disrespect a critic on any level as we talk and we will make you pay. Writers for all the major magazines do a riff on this idea in their own way, I have spoken to over a dozen. It is part of the business. The review is mine, I have the intellectual copyright but most importantly I am a direct source of income for you.

Screw with a critic? Not smart...