Monday, September 29, 2014

AC Myles Reconsider Me DAF 2014

AC Myles gives the blues fan hope and isn't that what the blues is all about?

Brent Black /

Blues-rocking guitarist AC Myles is putting the paddles to a genre that has certainly seen better days. As legends have continued to pass on and new talent simply doesn't seem to have the staying power, Myles is the perfect storm. Strong vocals and even stronger instrumental skills have this fire brand guitarist poised to turn some heads and raise some roofs! Sounds like? Hmmm, think of the musical happy place somewhere between Bobby Bland and Johnny Winter and you may be getting warm as taste is indeed subjective.

A classic blues rock style amped up for a more contemporary crowd has Myles cutting new ground while keeping the tradition of a soulful and soul filled style alive. Solid originals and an eclectic set of covers including tunes from Fenton Robinson, Elvin Bishop and Rory Gallagher cut a wide harmonic path of richness with a nuanced texture of flavor and that blues edge guaranteed to have you hear the beat with your feet.

The original "Livin' A Lie" may be the hidden gem and ground zero for an artist whose musical stock seems to be an arrow pointing straight up. The real deal folks! Dig it!

Tracks: You Don't Know What Love Is; Do You Read Me; Rock My Soul; Reconsider Me; Queen Bee; Livin' A Lie; Death Bed Blues; What Is Love; Call 'em All Baby; Three Ways To Fall; Blue Monday.
Personnel: AC Myles: Guitars & Vox; Derrick "D'Mar" Martin: Drums and Percussion; Endre Tarczy: Bass / Keys; Kid Andersen: Harmoney Vocals; Nate Ginsberg: Piano Keys.